I'm not on the laughing side.
I'm not on the laughing side.
Kate, 18, Scottish.




((The ability to appreciate and evaluate human aesthetic is not determined by your sexuality))


A muggle-born’s sibling sends them a howler in the middle of the school year and it arrives while they eat. When they open it, all it does is simply scream “WHAT TEAM?”. Nearly all the muggle-borns shout “WILDCATS!” before returning to their meal, leaving the pure-bloods in total confusion of what the hell they just witnessed.


Best Dressed of 2013

Scarlett Johansson in Versace | ‘Under the Skin’ Premiere | Venice Film Festival 


Something tells me he’s not making that up.

Richard Speight Jr & Matt Cohen
All Hell Breaks Loose V - Sydney 2014 [x]


<><>——<><> From adorable dork to sexy beast…by Ryan Haywood. { x }

"I feel incredibly awkward as a human being and incredibly teenaged still"


We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.


he sank the boat he was working on just to kill the captain