I'm not on the laughing side.
I'm not on the laughing side.
Kate, 18, Scottish.

I couldn’t help myself [Insp by this post]

Was this really an act of kindness?

I was being selfish.

Why would I want to put my finger on his throat?


never trust a girl who doesn’t put on her bra backwards and then twist it round to the front


why people said skulduggery pleasant came back as a skeleton:

  • his rage was strong enough to keep his consciousness in his body even after death
  • the necromancer magic keeping him from dying didn’t protect his body from being burned away so he only had his bones left

why skulduggery pleasant actually came back as a skeleton:

  • the universe could not pass up the opportunity to make the guy named skulduggery into a walking skeleton


every class is art class if you dont care enough


I still read this as a telepathic conversation between them. I mean, that’s literally what it looks like to me.




My girlfriend sneezed and I accidentally said shut the fuck up instead of saying bless you

how do you accidentally say shut the fuck up




How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?

Oh man.

I loved GotG, but this is fantastic and true.


I love Rooster Teeth, I don’t even seek it out but their material ends up on my dash like magic. All of the material. All of it.



I’d like to thank Jeremy Renner for remaining my knight in shining armor.